Pre-order offer for t-shirts about the 2016 Volendam eclipse cruise

Dear Volendam passenger,

Due to popular demand and the shortage of t-shirts commemorating the 2016 total solar eclipse, we have designed and are offering t-shirts available only by pre-order. These shirts will NOT be available through our online store but ONLY by pre-order. A big thank you to Bob Naeye, editor for Sky & Telescope, for coordinating those interested and making this possible!

To order this t-shirt, send an email to with a header of "2016 t-shirt" stating your name, full mailing address, and the number of shirts you desire with sizes. For orders outside the USA, it is especially important that you give a full and complete mailing address. 

The DEADLINE for ordering t-shirts is April 12th and immediately after this date we will send the order to screen printers. We will fulfill your orders and send them to you in the mail by the end of April. There will only be one printing of this t-shirt. You may share this pre-order announcement with others who were on the Volendam or any others who may be  interested.

T shirts are $20.00 each + $3.75 each shipping to the US. , and $15.00 shipping to International.

We also offer a new and revised map of the Volendam journey and you can see the design below. You can order this map directly from our store at as long as the limited supply remains. 

Below is the front side of the t-shirt. The shirts will be light blue. The design includes a sketch of the coronal features as we saw them on March 9th plus the Indonesian mythic figure of  Batara Kala. According to Indonesian folklore, this figure causes eclipses by eating the Sun or the Moon. You may have seen this imagery on the eclipse stamps issued by Indonesia or other depictions. If you saw the traditional dances in Bali, Batara Kala was one of the dominant characters you saw. To learn more about this mythic figure, visit or google the phrase 'Batara Kala Gerhana'. 

You may click on any of the images below to enlarge them.

The back side of the shirt includes a map and some details about our eclipse voyage. 'Gerhana Matahari Total' is Indonesian for total solar eclipse.

This is our new and revised map of the Volendam journey. As long as the supply remains, you can order it now from

We are also excited to share news of our JUST published 44-page book titled "See the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017". This book is affordably priced and includes two eclipse viewing glasses. You can find this book at at