Solar Eclipse Conference 2014

In two months, eclipse chasers from around the world will gather at Cloudcroft, New Mexico for the fifth Solar Eclipse Conference on October 25 and 26. Many of the leading experts on solar eclipses and solar physics will gather for an exciting program of talks on every aspect of eclipse observation and science. Conference registration is closing soon so if you are passionate about eclipses, considering attending this event.

There are also pre-conference sessions on August 23 and 24 at the nearby National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak. These dates coincide with a partial solar eclipse on October 23rd. 

From the conference organizer Patrick Poitevin: 

"Over the last few decades, there have been dramatic changes in solar eclipse traveling. Solar Eclipse specialists meet most of the time in the shadow of the Moon. Solar Eclipse meetings out of totality are rare, or are mainly focused on solar physics. The Solar Eclipse Mailing List and before the Solar Eclipse Newsletter has been successful as a vehicle in bringing together solar eclipse enthusiast, professionals and amateurs alike. Because there was no central eclipse in 2000 we had been presented with a perfect opportunity for an International Solar Eclipse Conference.

We had had this project in mind for some time, but mainly due to planning eclipse travels it has been put on hold. The aim of the conferences is to bring together professionals and amateurs, addicts, enthusiasts, and chasers, as with the mailing list and the newsletter, sharing information, knowledge, and experience. For the same reason we organized an international Solar Eclipse Conferences in 2004 and 2007.

Two days of lectures are given in each of the disciplines: predictions, mathematics, solar physics, weather forecasting, eye safety, diameter measuring, edge and central, and ancient eclipse research. Of course the latest and forthcoming solar eclipses should be great topics of discussion, along with the once-in-a-lifetime Venus Transit. Friday evening is a social event with reception and informal meetings. And where possible the conferences is combined with a lunar eclipse, partial solar eclipse and a visit to a solar observatory."