How to photograph and process nightscapes and timelapses

Click on the image to see this book on itunes preview

Click on the image to see this book on itunes preview

No doubt you've seen the stunning images and videos of the night sky processed by top astrophotographers. These are always popular on social media and for good reason; they depict our view of outer space from our beautiful home planet. The beauty of our night sky is an unfamiliar sight for many city dwellers, but once you get away from the city lights, you will see an amazing edge-on view of our galaxy plus planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, comets and more. These images amaze us because they place us within the context of our astonishing universe and frame the view of the heavens from our remarkable planet, Earth.

Did you know that you can produce these types of images yourself with little more than a decent DSLR camera, tripod, and image processing software? You don't even need a telescope, just a bit of knowledge and some practice. It is easier than you may think to create images like this yourself. And now you have the perfect mentor to guide you step-by-step. My friend Alan Dyer has just produced a remarkable eBook entitled "How to photograph and process nightscapes and timelapses". This eBook can be downloaded on most Apple devices including the iPhone,iPad, and the MacBook through the iBook store. 

This book is aimed at both aspiring and experienced nightscape photographers and contains encyclopedic coverage of all aspects of this subject. You'll find dozens of embedded videos and image galleries organized through 400 pages and 18 chapters. There are chapters on selecting cameras and accessories, operating your camera, processing still images, time-lapses with effects such as tilt and pan and dolly motion, trouble shooting, and video processing. There is also a section on photographing lunar and solar eclipses with solid advice for capturing these phenomena.

A page from the section on eclipse photography

I've just spent several pleasurable and illuminating  hours looking through this ebook. I was impressed by the depth of content, the clarity of explanation, the utility of this book for both novices and experts, clear and engaging writing, and high publication quality. Alan also employed an advanced digital publishing platform to achieve a high level of interactivity. He says he spent a year and a half building this book and the result attests to that.

Alan Dyer is one of today's leading nightscape photographers and this book will guide you through the secrets of composing remarkable nightscape imagery and advanced time-lapse videos. This book will certainly spawn a new generation of nightscape photographers and time-lapse artists. Get this book, digest Alan's wisdom, practice and develop your chops, and you'll be well positioned to capture amazing images and videos of the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017.